British Airways

High volume cooking for thousands of passengers

British Airways first approached Michel in 1983, when he was asked to devise menus for its first-class service and later, for Concorde.

The aim was to take the best cuisine on land and adapt it for unusual aircraft conditions. Food was cooked in small batches in central kitchens, blast-chilled to retain colour, flavour and nutrients then taken on board to be reheated by cabin crew.

Finding the right dishes that still tasted delicious 30,000 feet high was quite an undertaking. Michel was always mindful of catering for people from all different nationalities so diplomacy also came into the cooking. However, the British Airways ‘signature style’ showed a commitment, passion and dedication to creating new standards that he thoroughly relished, resulting in a successful association for over 25 years.

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Michel's last Concorde menu for New York to London in October 2003

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Michel and his team assessing dishes for in-flight service