Michel Roux

"There is still so much to do..."

Now in his mid 70s, Michel Roux is already a legend. Chef, restaurateur, author, teacher, mentor, father, brother, pioneer: the list goes on. These days, his raison d’être is to pass on his expertise, constantly searching for new opportunities to inspire the younger generation.

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Some 60 years ago, a 14 year-old boy was taken by his mother to be apprenticed to a Grand Pâtissier, north of Paris. For the next three years, Michel Andre Roux avidly pursued his craft, setting him on course for a spectacular culinary odyssey.

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Philosophy & Values

Over Michel’s life, he has opened many ventures and indeed closed a few as well. Every experience has informed his business sense, making him, as he puts it, “all the wiser for it”.

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Father & Son

While many people know that The Waterside Inn achieved its three Michelin stars in 1985 under Michel’s leadership, few appreciate that it is his son Alain who has retained that accolade for the past 12 years or so.

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Charities, Events & Causes

Michel's formative years as a young cook benefitted enormously from a little timely encouragement and support and he has never forgotten that. Throughout his professional life he has always sought ways of paying this debt forward. Learn more about the causes close to his heart.

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